LBGTQ+ Inclusion

Yatagarasu dojo prides itself on welcoming people of all genders and sexualities. We work hard to be inclusive in our language, and always ask about pronouns for new members. For the "kyu" grades (beginner and intermediate gradings), we have introduced the option of a yellow belt for people who identify as non-binary. Traditionally, green belts are given to men, and red belts to women; but at Yatagarasu dojo we encourage you to choose the belt colour that feels most comfortable for you.

In terms of changing facilities, our venue has two separate changing rooms, each with a separate shower room that can be used by people wanting more privacy when changing. We encourage you to use the changing room that you feel most comfortable in. Alternatively, some people choose to come to training already changed.

Raven's Approach

Raven takes a philosophical approach to ninpo training. At her level this is the way it will usually be for practitioners who are searching for the secrets within the hidden techniques. She is like Lara Croft, a tomb raider but the place were the secret treasures lay isn’t in some forbidden and forsaken forest but in the very essence of the martial art itself.


She is known to be a perfectionist but her direct guidance is to help students develop determination. This is at the heart of ninjutsu practice; to endure and continue to be immovable in the objectives that are set. Nothing of worth is easily attained and to achieve desire, there needs to be cold, hard, determination and commitment.


Her philosophical approach to ninjutsu draws on a variety of sources from the ancient world to modern day psychosocial theory. Where ninja used superstition in ancient times, the modern ninja use psychology and sociology as the mystical art to a successful outcome during crisis situations.


Above all her philosophy during training is to train consistently, accurately and with a smile on your face! There is no place for egoism, machoism or any other isms that prevent mutual growth of all practitioners.