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Yatagarasu Dojo is LGBTQ+ inclusive

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Training Sundays 7-9pm

Brighton Ki Centre

12 Queen Park



  • Philosophy of ninjutsu

  • Dojo etiquette

  • Junan taiso (warm up)

  • Punches & strikes

  • Basic blocks

  • Ukemi (break falls)

12 April
  • Kamae (body postures)

  • Striking & blocking from kamae

19 April
  • Locks

  • Escapes

  • Avoidance

26 April
  • Introduction to weapons

  • Continuuing your ninjutsu journey

3 May

12 April - 3 May 2020

get fit, make friends,

learn self defense

Raven runs regular beginner courses as an introduction to ninjutsu.


Over 4 weeks, you will learn basic strikes, blocks and locks, break falls, and explore a variety of weapons.

No special equipment or clothing necessary. Simple jogging bottoms or leggings, T shirt and clean socks are all that is needed.

Following completion of the course, you have the chance to try out for your first grading: 9th kyu. This is optional, and you are more than welcome to continue training with us without taking this test.

£20 for the entire course, pay in cash at the first session.